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The Challenge

Folens approached us to help them migrate and upgrade their online store (Orders, Customers & products) for e-books from Ubercart to Drupal Commerce. They also required us to design and implement a custom theme for their logged in section pages and logged in product catalogue as well as to implement a social group based structure for maintaining schools, classes, teachers & student users together and/or related as required. They already had a store in place in Big Commerce and used Yudu for multi-platform publishing and subscription servers and wanted us to develop custom Drupal modules to allow for customer integration and activation from Big Commerce & Yudu with Drupal.

What We Did

We initially mapped the solution at the requirements level with Folens to ensure a full understanding of the ‘what’, the ‘how’ and the targeted project outcomes. We started with the design phase and created a custom theme based on the existing brand identity and page layouts. On the technical side we started by replacing all the Ubercart modules, functionality and views with Drupal Commerce. We used the "Migrate Suite" of contributed modules for the Ubercart to Drupal Commerce migration of Orders, Customers & Products including the "Commerce Migrate Ubercart" module.  These modules helped us in the migration process ensuring that;

  • Product types are created from Ubercart product classes
  • Each product type gets its own migration
  • Product images get migrated
  • Each product type gets its own node migration, which creates the matching product_display nodes.
  • Customer billing profiles are created from the billing info of each Ubercart order.
  • Orders (and line items) come through.

We also had to customise some of the default Drupal Commerce views to achieve specific sorting functionality requirements to improve the user experience. We also custom developed Drupal Modules to enable Big Commerce customer verification and activation processes to Drupal and to create some additional customer service functionality. These modules used the APIs of Big Commerce and Yudu. The Organic Groups Module was further integrated in the Drupal system to handle the schools, classes, teachers and students relationship management and to ensure successful admin "Bulk Order" uploads. We used GIT as the distributed Version Control system for code and database sharing with the Folens Technical team.


The Result

The outcome was the delivery of redesigned and re-platformed e-commerce catalogue, cart and checkout application including the migration of the entire product, customer and order history database from Ubercart to Drupal Commerce along with custom third party integration with Big Commerce and Yudu.

Monsoon worked with us to improve our student ebook license management site.  They are a pleasure to work with, highly skilled, extremely professional and very accommodating.  They delivered a great result in very good time and I would highly recommend their work!

Daniel Griffin

Project Manager

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Founded in 1958 Folens Publishers are leaders in Irish Primary and Post-Primary educational publishing for over 50 years. The company has embraced the advances made in education content provision from traditional books to e-learning via digital documents and interactive web, tablet and mobile applications. The companies aim is to deliver quality, integrated programmes written by teachers for teachers, which make learning effective and fun for students.


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