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Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP)

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The ISCP were using a CMS system which was no longer fit for purpose. The content management was becoming cumbersome to use and wasn’t integrated with their other systems and sites, namely their membership management system, CPD (Continual Professional Development) portfolio and associated employment group microsites.

The project goal was to develop a digital platform that would create a streamlined and unified experience for all ISCP members, including news, events and jobs, training, e-learning and CPD.  This platform had to also add value to their organizational processes, for example enhancing advertising opportunities through the website and newsletter and streamlining the administrative overheads.  It was also key that this project helped to enhance brand perception among the general public and non-member physiotherapists.

The Challenge

The website was not fit for purpose. It was cumbersome and needed to be streamlined so that it could be handled and updated efficiently by the team at ISCP, as well as offering a positive user experience for those who logged into the website. In its current state, it was difficult for users to find the information that they were seeking.

The Approach

Firstly, we identified the key audiences or users for this site, breaking these down into:

  • General Public, Press and Government bodies
  • ISCP Members and Non-Member Physiotherapists
  • Internal content editing and administration team

We then carried out research to establish the various user needs of each of these groups. This process revealed user related, business and technical insights that we then incorporated into the overall project build requirements. 

The site was subsequently re-designed and streamlined so that it would satisfy the various audience requirements.  The information was categorized into key site sections, namely:

  • Conference area with payment integrations for participant members and exhibitors
  • Platform for news, events, and jobs publishing
  • Platform to sell advertising opportunities through the website and newsletter
  • Members area with employment groups specific publishing options
  • Education & Training (integrated with their e-learning Moodle software)

We also carried out a content analysis, reviewing existing content and establishing new content requirements based on communications, educational and organisational objectives.

In the back-end, automated workflows were established so that the membership subscription and renewal processes could be facilitated easily.  Similarly, a news publishing workflow was put in place.

A ‘Find a Physio’ section was set up allowing site users to find a physiotherapist in a particular area, filtering by location, conditions treated, gender or name.

The Result

The ISCP website is now streamlined and dynamic. Clear, well-defined sections allow the various audience groups to easily find the information or area that they need. The CMS system has been replaced with Drupal. The information is laid out clearly and categorized according to user needs. Fully responsive, and integrated with social media, this site has been designed in line with best practice.

Key search functions, such as ‘Find a Physio’ are placed prominently in the upper right corner of the website alongside another key area, the Members Login. The newly refined back end system means that the team at ISCP can make changes and add content efficiently. 

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The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists is the national, professional body representing over 3,000 Chartered Physiotherapists in Ireland. The Society is supporting their members in their practice, helping them to deliver the highest standards of professional care. Respected and recognised both within and outside the profession, it is the voice of physiotherapy in Ireland.


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