3 Steps to Improved Customer Engagement and Sales

We see our clients ecommerce platforms as products in their own right and once launched we are dedicated to improving that product. In other words we look at your Magento Commerce store the way the Netflix Product Team looks at improving the experience of the customers on Netflix.

Our ‘Product View’ of Digital Commerce is all about customer engagement and conversion and to succeed we are guided by these tenets;

  • Understanding the ‘Why’?

  • Delivering ‘value-driven’ Improvements

  • Always Measuring

Our experience in driving improvements for our clients has inspired this short post focussed on 3 quick wins. Hope it helps!

Mobile Focused Website

  • Speed

If a site has a slow load time consumers get impatient and often look for a new site to search. Compression of code files and imagery is important for website speed or be sure to have a best practices document created for uploading any new products. This should provide staff an understanding of the necessary actions taken for product upload in order to keep site speed down. In a related post Gabriel DaGama has written a post on site speed a couple of months back, which is worthwhile reading.

  • Imagery

High quality imagery on a digital commerce platform, especially when used on mobile, can positively affect conversion to a great degree. I’d strongly advocate in investing in high quality imagery and video for your site, with an emphasis on product photography. Don’t leave your customers squinting to see the quality of your products. Your customers don’t buy a product, they buy a photo.

  • Call to Actions

Give your customers very clear call to actions. ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe’ and any other relevant call to actions on site should be clear and obvious. This may seem like such a no brainer for many of you but it is incredible how many websites are ‘found wanting’ when if comes to using call to actions, either with confusing labelling, poor placement, language usage. A/B split testing can help make decisions on best performing CTA’s.

Social/Search Advertising

  • Ad Types

Companies using Facebook, Instagram Google Search and other ad platforms, often don’t take advantage of the types of ads available and the way these ads can be targeted at their customer base. These platforms continue to innovate the ways in which companies can promote and sell through their platform. Expand your knowledge on how certain ads could provide the perfect action for a particular campaign goal i.e. Using Facebook Dynamic Product Ads during an important sale time to target competitors customers.

  • Customer Funnel

Segment and funnel your users through a clear marketing path. Understand your messaging at the awareness phase of your campaign and strategise the types of ads you want to remarket to a user. Understanding the various phases in the sales funnel and the actions in each will provide you clarity on your marketing processes but also allow you to test/optimise performance.

  • Landing Pages

Don’t use generic landing pages when advertising. If a potential customer is looking for something in particular, provide them the quickest route through the sales funnel. Using your homepage as a landing page for specific ads is a good way of annoying online shoppers and increasing bounce rate.

Custom recommendations

  • Provide specific online experiences through your recommendations. Based off user searches, ad engagement and any other insightful data you can look to analyse you will be able to make relevant suggestions to user groups and therefore increase cart size, average order value and customer satisfaction. This can be automated in Magento and is a very effective way to improve performance.

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