The Anatomy of Success in B2B Ecommerce

Transforming a B2B business is complex and the technology driving B2B eCommerce can feel dated. In addition, those in B2B are faced with the challenge that the demographic makeup of their buyers is changing rapidly. 

To share some of our experiences of building large-scale B2B eCommerce platforms for our clients, in April this year we ran an event in Dublin as part of a series of events, webinars, briefings and digital content dedicated to all aspects of digital commerce in the B2B space under the tag of The Anatomy of B2B Success.

We hosted the event in conjunction with Magento, Lumenia Consulting and Uniphar. Uniphar is the leading pharmacy and healthcare products retail, wholesale and distribution company operating in the UK and Ireland – you can read more about Uniphar and their eCommerce project in this case study

Paul Cooling, eCommerce Manager at Uniphar did an insightful presentation on their last B2B digital transformation which you can watch here:

We also had  Marc Wiseler Head of Sales Engineering, Magento. For as long as we’ve known Marc he’s taken a particular interest in the application of Magento in the B2B space and has been leading the thinking around B2B applications, use cases and the role of eCommerce in these relationships and transactions.

You can watch his presentation here: 

Our Head of Design, Laura Hodson discussed the complexity of B2B from a design perspective. 

You can watch the whole presentation here:

At the event, we had a brilliant panel discussion with some insightful pieces of advice for new business joining B2B eCommerce platform from our guest Marc Wiseler, Head of Sales at Magento, Paul Cooling, eCommerce Sales Manager at UnipharGroup and Bharat Sharma CEO and Founder at Monsoon Consulting.

You can watch the whole panel conversation here:

2020 Update

While we had to postpone the 2020 version of The Anatomy of Success, we’ve still been busy. Earlier this year Monsoon Consulting launched our new, innovative, industry-leading B2B accelerator package, “Apex“.

Our 15 years experience working with leading B2B businesses enabled us to bring valuable B2B insights, learnings and solutions to our apex product. With an attractive suite of features pre-built and ready to use, along with a rapid deployment window, apex aims to help get businesses online within six to eight weeks.

For more information and to speak to one of our Apex experts, please get in touch with [email protected] or call +353 (0)1 4750066

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