Drupal 9 comes to the DLR ecosystem: Announcing the launch of dlrBETA

Launched in April 2021, dlrBETA represents a new approach to public engagement by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, a long-standing client of Monsoon Consulting. The project takes inspiration from Dublin City Council’s BETA project, which was a highly successful public engagement project that aimed to source ideas from the public for improvements to the area and trial them on a small-scale basis to assess their validity. 

The focus of dlrBETA is to gather ideas that can be tested on a small-scale within one specific location. Once selected, an idea will be monitored and assessed for a period of 3-6 months, following which the feasibility of a wider rollout of successful projects will be considered by the council.

Needing a way for them to house this public forum in an easily accessible way, they approached Monsoon to develop an online platform. Following a discovery process, Monsoon undertook the task of designing and developing the site within a short, 4-week timeframe. This platform also represents the first Drupal 9 platform for both Monsoon, as well as within the Dlr eco-sphere. The site offers an easy to use submission process for the public, as well as a space for Dlr to showcase past trials and discuss the outcomes of their trial.

The solution delivered by Monsoon Consulting is a mobile-first modular system that can be adapted and built upon, ensuring that it is future-proofed. The content components can be re-used in various contexts and offer a quick way to communicate the message consistently. The solution also provides a clear user experience, while increasing the findability and accessibility of the platform. 

Differing from the other Dlr sites, the design of dlrBETA takes an illustrative approach. As it has only been launched, the usual high-end photography that Dlr prefers is not yet available, as such an illustrative approach was taken. The form submission also takes a stepped, guided approach to make the process of submitting an idea simple, and intuitive for all users. 

Following the launch of the platform, Monsoon Consulting is excited to see the results and future projects that will come from this initiative. 

Working to a tight schedule, Monsoon delivered the brief for dlrBETA perfectly. From our first kick-off meeting in January to the launch in March the project worked seamlessly. We are delighted with the website and since going live, feedback from our customers has been very positive.

Brian McSweeney

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

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