Employee Spotlight: Callan Zimmermann

In our second instalment of the Employee Spotlight series, we shine a light on an individual whose journey from the sunny coasts of Spain to the forefront of web development encapsulates a passion for the digital realm both during work hours and at home. Meet Callan Zimmermann, our Lead Frontend Developer at Monsoon Consulting, whose path to excellence is as diverse as it is inspiring.

Who is Callan? 

Born in the UK, Callan Zimmermann‘s formative years were spent under the Spanish sun, fostering an early appreciation for diverse cultures and landscapes. However, it was his return to the UK at 16 that marked what would become a flourishing career in software development. Initially set on exploring design, Callan found himself drawn to the intricate world of coding, where his passion for software development truly took root.

The shift to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic, although unexpected, opened a new chapter in Callan’s life, offering him the flexibility to dive deeper into his interests. This pivotal moment led him to Monsoon Consulting, where he felt an instant alignment with the company’s ethos and dedication to quality development. 

Now, with his recent promotion to Lead Frontend Developer, Callan spends his days immersed in coding, from spearheading new projects to refining existing ones, always with an eye for innovation and excellence.

Callan’s Highlights at Monsoon

At Monsoon, Callan was instrumental in the adoption of Hyvä as the go-to framework for site development, an achievement he’s especially proud of. This underscores his forward-thinking approach and dedication to best practices in web development. 

On what he enjoys most about working at Monsoon, Callan says:

The quality of the work, which I can’t overstate enough.

There’s no quick dirty fixes here–all of our development work is tested and peer reviewed. This means all of our code is easier to maintain and modify – which results in my colleagues and myself enjoying our work a lot more.

Callan Zimmermann

Magento Frontend Lead at Monsoon Consulting

Outside of Work

When he’s not leading the charge in frontend development, Callan is an avid explorer of both the digital and physical worlds. His love for coding extends into his personal time, where he experiments with new technologies and crafts applications just for the fun of it. 

Yet, Callan is anything but a stereotypical indoors person. He loves an adventure, whether it’s travelling, road-tripping, or attending events, he’s got plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

A self-confessed eSports aficionado, Callan’s passion for League of Legends has taken him to events across three countries, a hobby that, despite his busy schedule, he continues to indulge in through attending events and following the scene online. 

Three fun facts Callan shared about himself:

  • I talk way too much
  • I really like salted popcorn
  • I listened to 32 days worth of music on Spotify in 2023

He also lives with the following life mantra in mind:

What other people say about you is none of your business.

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