Employee Spotlight: Gustavo Soares

Welcome to the third edition of our Employee Spotlight series! In this feature, we delve into the story of Gustavo Soares, a Magento Backend Developer whose journey from the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro to the virtual corridors of Monsoon Consulting is a testament to resilience and dedication. Join us as we uncover Gustavo’s insights into life at Monsoon, his passion for coding, and his adventures beyond the digital realm.

Who is Gustavo? 

Gustavo Soares is a Magento Backend Developer at Monsoon Consulting. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gustavo’s journey to Monsoon is as intriguing as his dynamic background. With a strong foundation in system analysis and an MBA in project management, Gustavo’s professional path has been marked by significant achievements. Outside of his career, Gustavo finds immense fulfilment in his role as a parent.

Growing up in one of Rio’s largest favelas, the City of God, Gustavo’s story is one of grit and determination. Despite the challenging environment, he has carved out a future distinct from many of his peers, showcasing his and his family’s perseverance.


Gustavo’s professional journey took a turn in 2014 when Brazil faced a severe financial, political, and corruption crisis. The turmoil led to layoffs, including Gustavo’s, from a major terminal ports company where he worked as a system/business analyst. His next role introduced him to Victor Bauer, a colleague who would later become pivotal in Gustavo’s career.

Years later, while considering a new opportunity, Gustavo reached out to Victor, who was then working at Monsoon. Encouraged by Victor’s positive experiences and following a successful interview with Amigo Sergii, Gustavo joined the Monsoon family, marking the beginning of a rewarding chapter in his career.

A Day in the Life

Gustavo’s day begins before the sun rises, living three to four hours behind Ireland’s timezone. Rising early, he starts his day with a few cups of coffee to fuel his morning routine and prepare for the tasks ahead. As a dedicated developer, Gustavo’s mornings are a blend of meticulous tasks and problem-solving. He delves into his work, checking tickets, reviewing code, and troubleshooting any issues that arise with precision and expertise.

Meetings play a significant role in Gustavo’s daily schedule, where he engages with colleagues to discuss project updates, brainstorm solutions, and align on goals. Gustavo ensures he is well-prepared for each meeting, conducting thorough research and analysis to contribute effectively to discussions and decision-making processes. Despite the time difference and the challenges of remote work, Gustavo’s commitment to his role and his dedication to excellence shine through in every aspect of his day.

What Gustavo Loves About Monsoon

Gustavo appreciates the diversity at Monsoon Consulting. Despite the geographical distances, the strong connections and cultural exchanges among colleagues enrich his work experience. Working with a team of seasoned professionals, Gustavo finds daily inspiration and continuous learning opportunities.

Notable Achievements at Monsoon

Gustavo’s journey at Monsoon Consulting is marked by remarkable milestones that underscore his technical prowess and unwavering commitment to excellence. Among his proudest accomplishments is his pivotal role in the Home Focus project, where his innovative solutions and meticulous attention to detail contributed significantly to its success. Additionally, Gustavo’s ongoing dedication to the maintenance of Sysco, a critical project for Monsoon, demonstrates his ability to tackle complex challenges with efficiency and proficiency. These achievements not only showcase Gustavo’s technical expertise but also reflect his invaluable contributions to the growth and success of Monsoon Consulting.

Life Outside of Work

Outside of work, Gustavo is a devoted family man who enjoys exploring new restaurants and flavours, indulging in his “foodie” hobby. He also loves taking short trips to nearby cities and is a big cinema enthusiast, making weekly visits to the movie theatre. Despite the occasional agony, Gustavo remains a loyal supporter of Vasco during their matches.


3 Interesting Facts About Gustavo

1. Gustavo is a passionate foodie and enjoys cooking. Gustavo’s kitchen is his creative playground, where he crafts culinary delights inspired by his diverse palate.

2. He is an urban explorer, always on the lookout for new adventures.

3. With a passion for cinema and TV, Gustavo’s love for storytelling transcends the screen, shaping his world view and creative pursuits.

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

Gary Player

This quote encapsulates Gustavo’s ethos, reminding him of the power of perseverance and determination in achieving success.

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