Hardware’s Digital Leap: Navigating 2024 with B2B eCommerce Innovation

Following a dip in revenue in 2022, the hardware sector in Ireland is making a recovery and is at a pivotal juncture. With 93% of businesses citing staff recruitment and retention as significant challenges and 50% planning to upgrade their IT systems, the time is ripe for a digital transformation.

As your teams prepare for the new year, we’d like to highlight some tactics to consider for futureproofing your B2B commerce business in 2024

The Current Landscape

The Hardware Association of Ireland’s recent survey paints a picture of an industry ready for change. The results of their Strategic Review, gathered from over 70 of their members, are a way to gauge the overarching priorities and trends in the Irish market.

Alongside staffing concerns, 59% of businesses are grappling with increasing operating costs. In this environment, digitalisation isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. Yet, only 21% currently see eCommerce as a challenge, indicating a significant opportunity for growth

How can eCommerce help?

The answer lies in efficiency and reach. An online platform can streamline operations, reduce costs, and open new markets. If the majority of your clients’ needs can be accessed online through self-serve portals, this significantly lowers the burden on your sales and customer support teams. This enables them to optimise their workflows and spend more time growing sales in other ways.

Not only will your business grow from these modernising efforts, employee satisfaction and retention will improve as well. Positive word of mouth elevates your employer brand and attracts new talent.

For hardware businesses, this isn’t just about selling online; it’s about creating a digital, future-focused ecosystem that supports all aspects of operations

Monsoon’s Collaborative Approach

At Monsoon Consulting, we understand these challenges. We specialise in developing Magento-based eCommerce solutions that are not just websites, but comprehensive digital strategies. Our approach is to enhance your digital presence, making it a tool for business growth and a solution to operational challenges.

Your website doesn’t exist in a vacuum and that’s why our approach is holistic. Starting from a thorough discovery phase, we partner with your team to develop and execute an online strategy to ensure your business thrives long term.

We’re very proud to say that our partnerships last over 6 years on average.

Overcoming Operational Challenges

Our team has seen first-hand how the right digital tools can alleviate operational pressures. From inventory management to customer service, a well-designed eCommerce platform can significantly reduce staff workload, allowing you to focus on growth and staff development.

At Monsoon, we excel at integrating your existing processes and tech stack with the new solution. Having worked with a variety of B2B businesses for over 20 years, we know how to bring together various systems into a clean experience, not only for your customers, but also your staff.

Our teams don’t only tailor customer solutions to your business, but we ensure your team is equipped to use every tool. Our on-boarding sessions empower clients to make the necessary day-to-day changes and manage their content

Hardware Industry Success

We’ve seen clients transform their businesses through digital innovation. For example, Topline, one of Ireland’s largest DIY & Building Materials buying groups, streamlined their operations with a new site that was able to handle a high volume of order while providing the self-serve content and financial features customers expected.

Working with Monsoon Consulting, we were assured of the right eCommerce partner to take Topline into this new and important world of B2B eCommerce. Monsoon guided us through all the key aspects of the project, from the initial workshops to the tight delivery schedule and multiple stakeholders. We are delighted with the initial launch and feedback of the site and look forward to capitalising on this as we take the business forward.

David Mahony
Head of IT, Topline Group

Staying Ahead

The future of the hardware industry is digital. By embracing eCommerce now, businesses can stay ahead of the curve, meeting customer expectations, capitalising on new market opportunities, and attracting young talent.

Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword or trend,–it’s become the norm in a post-COVID ecosystem. Just as clients and buyers are expecting a streamlined digital journey, your future employees will want to see that you’re a forward-thinking company that is eager to modernise and optimise internal processes.

It’s always better to stay ahead than to try and catch up once your competitors are already way ahead.


The journey towards digital transformation can be daunting, but it’s simply no longer a “nice to have”. With Monsoon Consulting, you’re not just building a website; you’re investing in a digital future. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through every step of this journey, ensuring that your business is not just prepared in 2024, but thriving online.

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