Helping B2B Organisations Successfully Transition to Multi-Channel eCommerce

Monsoon Consulting is helping a wide variety of B2B organisations navigate the new 2020 landscape in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Company CEOS, CTOS, eCommerce Directors & Operation teams are reacting to rapid new eCommerce & customer demands by implementing new digital transformation strategies to future proof their long term business success.

Managing the new, Covid-19 commercial landscape has accelerated the already disrupted and transformative nature of the new, digital economy.

Over the last few years, Monsoon has carved a niche with our proven B2B eCommerce expertise across many industry sectors, including the Hardware, Food & Beverage and Construction Industries. As Ireland’s only Certified Adobe Magento Enterprise Solution Partner, and with offices in Glasgow & London in the UK, we continue to design, develop and work with many companies helping them get ahead with eCommerce to ensure future success.

As most industries emerge from lockdown, and with an uncertain landscape ahead, the time to invest in the digital economy and respond to changing customer demands is an even greater priority. With Monsoon’s innovative apex B2B Accelerator solution, this vision can become a reality in record time and with little implementation barriers. 

Our “ready to market” apex software solution is aimed at companies who are facing the following challenges:

  1. Replatforming to Magento Commerce ( from the likes of Shopify, BigCommerce, Hybris etc)
  2. Upgrading their existing Magento 1 eCommerce platform to Magento 2
  3. Businesses looking to enter the eCommerce market for the first time
  4. Organisations looking for a fast, cost-effective “go to market” strategy for new online sales.

Apex addresses these requirements along with additional benefits of:

  • Increased New Sales – apex focuses on online conversion and customer retention & loyalty.

  • New Customer Acquisition – apex attracts news customers and provides a best in class service & online experience.

  • Improved User Experience – apex takes years of B2B experience and transforms previous operations and workflows into more efficient and agile methods of conducting business.

  • Streamlined Workflows – apex is helping organisations reduce overhead and streamline internal workflows

As Official “Adobe Magento Enterprise Solution Partners”, Monsoon has worked and helped many companies in the UK and Ireland transform their business to embrace the new technology and eCommerce opportunity that is defining the future of integrated commerce.

Some of our clients have seen exponential growth and business benefits, including:

  • 94% increase in user engagement
  • 78%in online B2B customer usage & update
  • +4,500 daily orders
  • 9.4% monthly increase in mobile orders

Combining the power of Magento’s “Commerce Cloud” platform and our own trusted enterprise-level B2B features, apex will provide a best in class industry solution to help get businesses online & trading quickly and successfully.

With an attractive suite of features pre-built and ready to use, along with a rapid deployment window, apex aims to help get businesses online within 6-8 weeks

For more information and to understand how Monsoon Consulting can help your business, please get in touch with [email protected] or call +44 (0)203 4115549

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