Hyvä Ajax Add To Cart: A Monsoon Contribution Story

When you shop online and add something to your cart, most of the time you’ll want to keep browsing. As an eCommerce business, that’s exactly what you want your customers to do–keep shopping. This means you want to make their shopping experience as smooth as possible with the least amount of friction.

A streamlined UX, good performance, and optimised navigation is a huge priority for the team at Monsoon Consulting because every disruption is a potential loss of sale for our clients. Great performance is exactly why we have been championing the Hyvä theme for several years now and implementing it with many of our clients, including Dublin Academy of Education

Below we go into how our Frontend Magento Developer, Callan Zimmermann, identified a repeated friction point, developed a solution, and shared it with the Magento community to use outright, modify, or inspire similar solutions built off the same approach.

Hyvä’s Default: Add to Cart Refresh Required

Hyvä is our first choice when it comes to frontend themes for Magento. The performance improvement is unparalleled and it reduces overall complexity, which means we can develop eCommerce sites faster. 

When implementing the new Hyvä theme for clients, Callan noticed that adding a product to the cart reloads the page. Even with its excellent refresh speed, this process would still displace the user to another part of the page and disrupt browsing. 

This became a repeated problem that several clients needed addressed during the implementation of their new eCommerce builds, especially for B2B solutions where users need to add multiple products to the cart quickly. Callan took the initiative, went home, and came up with a simple, yet elegant solution.

Building Ajax Add to Cart for Hyvä

While experimenting with possible solutions, Callan noticed that the most effective solution would also be a simple solution, implementing this in a way that doesn’t affect or extend any existing core functionality.

The Ajax Add to Cart functionality was a feature being discussed within the Hyvä community, so Callan in his spare time took the initiative to provide a solution that would aid other developers. This module was published for everyone in April 2022.

Now, pages running the new Hyvä theme didn’t have to refresh before an item was added to the cart. You can see the module in action below.

Rather than considering it its own fully-fledged module, Callan would rather present it as a developer tool. Smaller agencies can use it as a plug-and-play tool on its own and larger agencies can use it as inspiration to apply the same approach to building other solutions. Ajax Add to Cart for Hyvä has been a huge success with over 32,000 installations at the time of writing.  

Hyvä’s flexibility made the process of implementing this feature straightforward, without needing to extend any Magento core functionality.

Callan Zimmermann

Magento Frontend Developer, Monsoon Consulting

Contributing to the Magento Community

Hyvä has been a game-changer for the Magento development community. As a proud Hyvä contributor and supplier, Monsoon Consulting’s Frontend Team, led by Ross McHugh, continues to innovate and help expand the uses of this growing technology. 

We are Ireland’s only Adobe Gold Solution Partner, delivering best-in-class B2B and B2C solutions to industry-leading companies, including Sysco, Uniphar, and One4All. Our goal is to help businesses grow and truly thrive online by forging long-lasting partnerships.

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