Inside Monsoon: The Design Team’s Services

Monsoon Consulting is an award-winning full-service digital agency which focuses on creating eCommerce solutions, as well as content management platforms. We offer an end-to-end service, with expert developers, product owner’s, designers, and support services. Our design team helps to ensure that our end products make quite an impact. We are involved throughout the whole project lifecycle, from assisting with business and user requirements alignment to designing the whole look and feel of the platform down to the most minute of details. Throughout this process, the design team utilises a number of different services and skills. But did you know that these services can be used to great effect individually and outside of large, redesign projects? 

Our design team are more than happy to use these services to help new, and existing clients. And these can also be carried out on existing platforms. So what are these services that we offer?


Vision & Strategy

The design team, along with other key members of the Monsoon Consulting team, host a series of in-person or remote workshop-style meetings in which we analyse your business objectives, user requirements, and the long term plans. By gaining an understanding of where the business is now and future goals, it allows us to propose new innovative features, find opportunities for improvements and assist with building a roadmap for providing the best customer experience for your audience.

User Research

Through the use of various quantitative and qualitative user research methods, our team can accurately identify and validate your user groups, user journeys and personas ensuring that these accurately reflect the users, thus allowing us to uncover your users’ actual needs and priorities. By understanding these we can ensure that your offering and platform experience better align to provide actual value for your users.


Site Architecture

Now more than ever, users are placing an emphasis on the need for an easy and intuitive navigation experience. This is where your site’s information architecture comes into play. Our team can create user flows to determine the ideal structure and flow for your website in order for it to meet your business and users needs. We can access your current site’s navigation and content to determine if the site’s current structure and flow is serving both users and business needs, and can then help to pinpoint potential areas of improvement. With these collected understandings our team would then proceed to create sitemaps and content structures which will better address these needs.

User Experience (UX)

As you may have picked up on by now, the design team craft the User Experience of your platform. This normally takes the shape of an iterative process of wireframing, refining, and both remote and in-person validation exercises. These validation exercises are forms of user testing but are such an important part of creating a great User Experience that we gave it it’s own section below. Through all of this our team ensures that your platform meets your users’ expectations as well as the ever-evolving industry standards.

User Testing 

This is an incredibly important service which the team offers. Through a variety of user-testing exercises that can take place remotely and/or in-person, our design team can validate their design solutions, discover user pains, and de-risk projects at an early stage. Despite our teams’ expertise in all things UX and UI, we ultimately can only guarantee that your users will love and connect with your platform by carrying out tests with them. And, in the long run, these user tests can help your business to save money and increase your return on investment.


Visual Design (UI)

Users form an opinion of your site within half a second of the page loading. And what part of your site do the users first notice? It’s the visuals. The visual design is the first impression your users will have of your platform, so it is of utmost importance that it is a visually pleasing and impactful experience for them. Our team can build upon the fantastic user experience they have crafted, by utilising design systems that consistently showcase your brand and include a variety of extra elements such as micro-interactions to delight your users. It’s through these design systems that our designers can better showcase your brand in a digital environment, resulting in a great looking website.

UX Audits

New to Monsoon Consulting, or been a while since you have engaged with the design team? Well UX audits are a great tool to initially dip your toe into improving your site’s user experience. Through various exercises and processes, our team carries out this audit on your site, to uncover and highlight potential issues and areas of improvement. This allows for the discovery of enhancements that can be both implemented quickly as well as be implemented as part of a long-term improvement plan for your site.


Design Graphics Support

Our team can also help to support your business through the creation of graphics. These graphics can be whatever your business or digital solution needs. Need a banner image, promotional graphics on your sites, an icon set? Our design team can help by creating these as needed on an ongoing monthly basis. Already an existing client on our support service? Ask our team how we can utilise some of those hours to fill this need, as or when required. 

As you can see our design team offers a wide range of services and skills. Utilising these can help ensure your users are getting the experience they need. And happy users are returning users. If you keep them returning then you keep them buying. Want to learn more about any of these services, and how they can help your business to grow? Then get in touch with [email protected] or call +353 (0)1 4750066

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