Joining Monsoon Consulting

I worked in my previous company for ten years. I was happy in my role, on good terms with my colleagues, and afforded a degree of autonomy many workers hope for. I had no intention to move any time soon – but some opportunities are too good to allow pass.

I was already familiar with Monsoon Consulting through my job. They were our client a few years back, and I recall their team always being good to work with. Their website and portfolio at the time were impressive for only a burgeoning firm. “This is a company going places,” I remember thinking.

Our paths diverged, but through social media I received the occasional company update. I could see them adding staff to their ranks and clients to their base. They had become active participants in the Magento and Drupal communities. They opened new offices abroad and moved to a bigger premises at home in Dublin. It looked like Monsoon was fast establishing itself as a formidable e-commerce agency.

So it piqued my interest when I recently learned they were advertising a new position in the area I worked. It offered candidates the opportunity to work on challenging projects for great brands. I did my homework; I trawled the net looking for as much information on the company as possible. Articles such as this and this offered insights into their growth and trajectory. Blog posts like this highlighted a values-driven organisation, mindful of their culture. I could see a bright future for this company, so I submitted a CV.

On the day I interviewed, the Terminus Mills office was a bustling hive of activity. I met some of the staff and had a brief tour of the office. I gave my sales-pitch and they gave theirs. They convinced me that Monsoon was a great place to work and to continue learning, among a talented team. Their enthusiasm for their future plans was infectious. I left impressed and reassured by the experience. To my delight a few days later they offered me the role. The opportunity was too good to refuse.

A new beginning

Everyone must to some degree feel anxious on the first day of a new job. You question if you’ve made the right decision before you even begin. You wonder what your new colleagues will be like and if you’ll get along. You hope that you’ll do well. I was more optimistic. If you could write a script for your ideal start to a new job, how would it go? To start, you’d want to walk into a welcoming environment. Your colleagues would be friendly and helpful. Your onboarding would be well structured. You’d have a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities. You’d hit the ground running, contributing to the completion of tasks. You’d be working on solving interesting and challenging problems. This is exactly what it was like in my first few days in Monsoon. It was an encouraging beginning.

I’m now ten weeks in Monsoon and to say I’m happy with my decision to join would be understating it. I’m learning new things every day. I’m working in a cooperative and fun environment alongside a group of talented people. Our multinational workforce brings together an invaluable variety of backgrounds, experiences, and insights. The team spirit is excellent. We’ve had many social occasions (the location is good, between Ranelagh and Donnybrook). But while it’s been fun, we’ve also worked hard, on challenging but interesting tasks and projects. Staff go to great lengths to deliver services for clients.

The management team have been so supportive and encouraging. They’ve been keen to ensure I have all the tools in place to be successful in my role. They encourage training and upskilling. They are open to innovation and suggestions. They are always looking at ways to improve. They have laid down a solid foundation for future expansion.

Monsoon is a company on the rise and I’m happy and excited to have joined them on the journey.

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