Punch Pubs: Uniting Content and Complex Commerce

Punch Pubs & Co operates and supplies over 1,240 pubs across the UK, collaborating with publicans to develop community-focused pubs. They lead with innovative training programs and a versatile operational approach, adapting effectively to market and regulatory shifts.

In 2022, Punch Pubs chose Monsoon Consulting to migrate their eCommerce B2B site to Adobe Commerce. This project aimed to solve many existing pieces of complex functionality with one of the key metrics being performance and reliability. It also tackled the disjointed experience between their WordPress content system and eCommerce site. The result was the successful launch of the new Punch Buying Club and Order Management System sites in February 2024.

The Punch Pubs migration to Adobe Commerce was a very complicated and rewarding project. With over one hundred unique pieces of functionality, the development sprints needed to be planned carefully requiring lots of collaboration with the client. We introduced new ways of batch testing which proved crucial to the success of the project.

The final solution contains some amazing innovation and feature set. Something we are immensely proud of.

Well done to everyone involved. 🙂

Tadhg Bowe

eCommerce Solution Specialist at Monsoon Consulting

Enhancing B2B Ordering and Content Integration

Our task was to migrate their website from Magento 1 to Adobe Commerce, addressing the many complex features and separation between Punch’s content and eCommerce operations. By merging these aspects, we aimed to create a unified, user-friendly experience.

Key aspects of the project included ensuring a smooth user transition, managing ground-breaking promotional structures and product options without impacting site performance.

A few standout features:

  • Content Management: We integrated Storyblok’s CMS to give Punch’s staff an easy way to update and manage their content. This tool simplifies the sharing of news and marketing messages. It’s designed to keep Punch’s digital presence vibrant and current with minimal effort.
  • Streamlined Checkout: We improved the checkout process to make it quicker and more intuitive. Customers can now easily navigate through promotions, select their desired delivery dates, and complete payments smoothly. This not only enhances the buying experience but also supports Punch in managing their B2B transactions more efficiently.
  • Internal OMS Optimisation: A key aspect of this project was to enhance the Customer Service Order Management System for Punch staff processing phone orders. The new UX empowers them with a streamlined account overview, order history, and payment processing.
  • Customer Segmentation: Our development of a sophisticated company user system allows for content and products to be tailored to each user’s specific needs. This ensures a more personalised browsing experience, showing users only what’s relevant to them based on their roles and preferences. For Punch, this translates into a more targeted and effective service offering.

I am very proud of what our team has achieved with Punch Buying Club. It’s been an incredible year of hard work and dedication.

I could talk for hours about some of the amazing features that have been implemented, which have all been possible due to the versatility of Adobe Commerce and Hyvä.

Callan Zimmermann

Magento Frontend Lead at monsoon consulting


Working with Punch Pubs & Co presented a valuable learning experience for the Monsoon team, involving detailed integrations and customisations. As a B2B eCommerce agency specialising in complex Adobe Commerce solutions, this project reinforced our commitment to delivering best in-class solutions.

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