Sustainable and conscious businesses

New research reveals conscious consumerism will keep sustainability a top priority for businesses this year and beyond. There is a growing need for organisations to embed sustainability into their business, not only within operations but the entire humanistic perspective.

Sustainability and Caring as a catalyst for change

In this precise moment, new organisations are forming where like-minded people are connecting, collaborating, and truthfully evolving the way business is created and operating.
These collaborations are dedicated to sustainability, caring, compassion for humanity, our home and mother planet Earth.
We surely are adapting – even if it looks like it’s a slow process – to create a more sustainable future.
Even when 65% of consumers say the price is still a key factor in their purchasing decision, surveys found that more than half of consumers expect the brands they buy from to have clear sustainability practices. Not only is sustainability a catalyst for change and creates opportunities for growth, but the way the world had to pause on the fast-paced lifestyle (how time is perceived) and changes in mobility and travelling (the way we acquire and consume products or services locally) had a huge impact on all of us through 2020-2021.

Sustainability has got to be something that we all care about. We need groups to collaborate that never have… everybody’s got to work together. We need to begin to manage this planet as if our life depended on it — because fundamentally, it does.

Jason Clay

senior vice president WWF

Growing environmental and social awareness is here to stay and puts a mirror on each business to play their role in reducing the impact of climate change, waste and being compassionate about everyone’s journey.

There is a place for brands to get more educated and to better communicate what they are doing, this in turn strengthens the brand and customer relationship.

At the moment, 4 in 10 businesses are saying measurement is the main barrier to implementing sustainable practices. The main question would be: can we see this as a long-term investment and critical, rather than a cost and trend?

It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.
Sir David Attenborough

Here’s some of the new research by Smurfit Kappa Research supporting this:

  • 83% of businesses describe sustainability as a business opportunity to be explored. 
  • 72% say that sustainability is a lasting trend. 
  • 74% say they won’t wait for their competitors to up the ante before they define their own benchmarks for success.
Make peace more fashionable than war.
H.E. Shyalpa T Rinpoche

Some few useful actionable steps we can take to grow together:

  •  Aligning strategy and sustainability: User Experience/Interface Design Team and Marketing Teams, to explore ways of communicating these strategies and policies through the platform and collaterals. Often we see divergence, which of course makes the sustainability efforts fragile, lacking real commitment and prioritisation.
  • From reactive to proactive: By recognising the impact of sustainability and the prolonged misuse of power, during a crisis, multinational companies have developed more proactive and sustainable strategies.
  • Transparency and engagement: embedded sustainability into the DNA of every part of a business might mean initiatives or employer’s engagement into programs to explore new voices and strategies in how to achieve a forward-thinking and more sustainable vision. 
  • Innovation: being aligned with the needs of a better world is to collect the data and see beyond it, really feel it. Humans thrive for connection, opportunities, but ultimately is to feel appreciated and learn from service to self to service to others. Innovative products and services aligned with the needs of the planet Earth is the blueprint for growth.
Real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics.
Sir David Attenborough


Conscious and sustainable business is about doing business that results in a spectrum of positive waves for the collective. The more we see it growing with authentic communication, commitments and truthful business practices, the more we will start to recognise the brand and how it is changing the world.

Conscious business can be implemented when the individual is aware of their surroundings, people, and how they engage with each other to make the world better.

We invite you to get in touch with Monsoon Consulting if you are feeling pulled to continuously create this vision. There is a place for every  leading edge business to become conscious leaders, to redefine prosperity and real success, and we are here to support you.

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