Understanding the EU Law on Price Reductions for eCommerce

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. For specific legal guidance, please consult a professional.

The European Union has introduced regulations, effective from 28 November 2022, under the European Union (Requirements to Indicate Product Prices) (Amendment) Regulations 2022. These regulations mandate businesses, including eCommerce platforms, to adhere to specific guidelines when announcing price reductions. The aim is to enhance transparency and ensure that promotional price reductions are genuine.

Key Obligations under the New Regulations

  • Display of ‘Prior Price’: Businesses must show the lowest price at which a product was available in the 30 days preceding the reduction, known as the ‘prior price’.
  • Basis of Reduction: The amount of reduction must be based on the prior price.
  • Visibility and Clarity: Price reduction announcements should be easily identifiable, visible, and readable for consumers.
  • Application to Goods: These regulations apply to the sale of goods but not to services, including digital services and content.
  • Compliance Across Channels: The obligations must be adhered to in all sales channels, whether in-store or online.
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Implications for eCommerce and Magento Development

As a Magento development agency specialising in eCommerce solutions, understanding these regulations is crucial for our clients.

We are helping some of our clients implement the EU regulations for price reduction announcements on their eCommerce websites. Depending on their requirements, we can either install third-party extensions with design customisation or build something custom, especially for those with pricing information integrated with their ERP systems.

Ross McHugh

Lead Magento Developer at Monsoon Consulting

Magento plugins, like those found at Magefan, offer tools to comply with these regulations. However, not all businesses can leverage these solutions, particularly those with complex pricing structures or ERP integrations. In such cases, custom solutions developed by our agency can ensure compliance while catering to unique business needs.

Conclusion and Next Steps

It’s vital for businesses selling to EU consumers to understand and comply with these new price reduction regulations. Non-compliance could result in enforcement actions. As an eCommerce development agency, Monsoon Consulting is equipped to guide and assist our clients through this transition, offering both off-the-shelf and custom solutions to meet diverse needs.

If you’re looking to ensure your eCommerce platform aligns with the new EU regulations while enhancing customer experience, contact Monsoon Consulting today. Let us help you navigate these changes with our expert Magento development and custom eCommerce solutions.

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