Can You Afford to Skip Adobe Commerce (Magento) Updates?

Monsoon Consulting takes security very seriously when it comes to all of our client websites. In eCommerce, like in many other cases, trust is key. When you’re asking customers for sensitive financial information, the last thing you want associated with your brand are the words data breach.

You may have heard of the recent cyber-attack targeting Magento platforms that exploited known vulnerabilities that had already been patched in a February update, leading to substantial breaches and financial losses for several enterprises. Staying up to date with regular upgrades and having a process in place for hotfixes can make or break your reputation in our digital ecosystem.

Below you’ll find out why there seem to be so many kinds of Magento updates, what they mean for you, and how Monsoon can help.

Let’s get into why you should invest a bit more time and resources now for peace of mind later.

Why Regular Magento Updates Matter

  1. Protection Against Exploits: Each update not only addresses known bugs but also strengthens the system against potential future exploits.
  2. Compliance with Regulations: Regular updates ensure compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which can mandate stringent security measures.
  3. Enhanced Performance: Updates often include optimisations that improve the speed and efficiency of your eCommerce platform, thereby enhancing the user experience.

Learnings from the Recent Magento Breach

The recent hacking incident involved attackers exploiting an unpatched vulnerability in Magento to steal sensitive customer data. This not only led to substantial financial losses but also eroded customer trust and loyalty, which can have long-lasting repercussions for any business.

This breach is a stark reminder of the critical importance of regular system updates. Neglecting this can open the door to attacks that go beyond immediate financial damage, severely impacting customer trust and a company’s reputation.

Derek Madden

Head of Infrastructure, Monsoon Consulting

This case exemplifies the potential dangers of overlooking security patches and system updates. It’s a potent warning that maintaining up-to-date security measures is not just about protecting data—it’s also about safeguarding the business’s future in a digital-first world.

Monsoon Consulting’s Security and Infrastructure Expertise

At Monsoon Consulting, we specialise in providing comprehensive security solutions for both our Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers. We have extensive experience with clients of all sizes, so whether you’re a major nationwide distributor or a smaller local retailer, security is key for any company working with sensitive customer data and financial information.

To keep our clients safe we work with proactive measures:

  • Regular Security Audits: We conduct thorough audits to identify and rectify any vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
  • Proactive Update Implementation: Our team ensures your eCommerce platform is always up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates.
  • Customised Security Strategies: Based on your specific business needs and system architecture, we develop and implement custom security strategies to provide enhanced protection.

Magento Updates Explained

There are Magento releases throughout the year of varying levels and it can get a bit confusing. 

You might be asking: Do I really need them all?

We strongly recommend staying up to date with the major and minor releases, but especially security patches. 

Security patches are updates that address vulnerabilities within software systems. For Adobe Commerce (Magento), these patches are critical as they protect against the exploitation weaknesses that could lead to unauthorised access and data theft. Failing to implement these updates can leave a business susceptible to attacks, as cybercriminals often target outdated systems.

Other updates are not quite as critical, but we still suggest our clients stay on top of these whenever possible to ensure utmost security and performance. Below, we cover what each release type means and the benefits each has for your website:

This is a significant version of the software that introduces substantial changes, new features, and improvements. It usually includes backward-incompatible changes, requiring users to make considerable adjustments to their existing setups.

A minor release, such as Magento 2.4, adds new features, improvements, and enhancements, with possible breaking changes. It maintains overall compatibility with major release versions, but individual modules may have version variability.

A patch release, like Magento 2.4.5, typically focuses on making improvements and bug fixes within the same minor release that do not alter the software’s functionality but improve security, stability, and performance.

These are updates specifically aimed at fixing security vulnerabilities. A version like 2.4.5-p1 would indicate a security patch applied to the existing release to address security-specific issues without altering other functionalities.

Security Bug Fix

This involves resolving specific security vulnerabilities identified in the software to prevent potential exploits by malicious entities.

Security Enhancement

These are improvements made to strengthen the security aspects of the software, potentially adding new security features or enhancing existing ones to offer better protection.

Security-Related Hotfixes 

These are urgent and critical fixes applied outside of the normal release cycle to quickly address security vulnerabilities that cannot wait until the next scheduled release.

A beta patch release, such as 2.4.7-beta2, is a pre-release version issued for testing purposes. It allows developers and users to test new features and bug fixes under real conditions before the final version is officially released.

Extensibility, Infrastructure, and Services Release

These updates improve the core platforms’ architecture, enhancing its ability to integrate with other services, extend its functionalities, and improve infrastructure aspects like performance and scalability.

A hotfix is an immediate update released to address an urgent issue that cannot wait for a scheduled release. Hotfixes are usually critical and address severe bugs affecting system functionality or security.

This is a specific fix targeting a particular problem or bug in the software. These patches are often applied individually to address specific issues without waiting for a full update cycle.

Custom patches are developed to address specific needs or issues that are not covered by general releases. These might be used to fix unique problems encountered by a specific user or to make a Magento installation compatible with custom-built systems.

Monsoon's Agency Solutions

Monsoon Consulting has decades of expertise with some of the biggest names across the UK and Ireland–Sysco Ireland, Punch Pubs UK, and SelectTech, to name a few. By partnering with us, you can ensure that your eCommerce platform is protected against such vulnerabilities at all times.

Let the recent hack be a stark reminder of the necessity for continuous vigilance in the digital age. Regular updates and strategic security practices are not just optional; they are essential to the survival and success of any online business. 

Your eCommerce platform’s security is our priority. Don’t wait for a breach—ensure your business is safeguarded with Monsoon Consulting’s expert infrastructure and security solutions and get in touch with our team today using the form below.

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