Crafting an Effective B2B eCommerce Strategy

When it comes to B2C, there’s usually one person making purchasing decisions. For B2B the decision can be multi-level and mostly is a team decision. Knowing that we have to ensure that the B2B online offering will appeal to people with various backgrounds. Content has to address every team member’s need, it has to show that buying from us will make their life easier and will help them to achieve their business goals. 

It’s important to understand your buyer’s goals and present information that will speak to them. For example, B2B customers may put the price or specific product’s detail as their first priority on the contrary to B2C shoppers who may look for the best quality and have the budget to pay more.

Here are few tips on how to make your B2B sales grow:

Inform your existing customers that they now can buy from you online

According to ‘The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce‘, nearly half (49%) of B2B customers prefer to make work-related purchases through a website and 72% desire self-service access to an account to manage their own orders.

Make ordering easy

Your website should allow customers to order online without relying on a sales representative – users should see recommendations and upsells; also, any information about the order or its shipping can and should be sent digitally. 

Develop your pricing approach

It’s important to present clients with a few pricing options or their unique account pricing that can be based on the quantity of their purchase, or their agreed contractual price books or discounts. 

Make sure that shipping will be painless

When it comes to large orders, there’s a higher price to pay if something goes wrong with the delivery. So it’s important to give customers all delivery information needed and make sure that they will have easy access to it when any delivery issue arises. Also providing transparency in advance about substitutes or out-of-stock items will make life easier for customers.

Check out your analytics

Now businesses have easy access to their website analytics and can use that data to improve customer satisfaction.

Make it easy to contact you

Your customers should be able to find where to call or write in case of any problem with their order – so it’s important to have a support line/email and live chat on your website.

Test your market ideas online

Showing products to your B2B customers online helps to test ideas quickly. Pre-selling product online can help to understand potential interest before investing and providing / manufacturing on a larger scale.

In the nutshell, your B2B online customers will require a few things: easy mass ordering, setting up recurring orders and filing purchases with their finance department. 

At Monsoon Consulting, we make sure that B2B meets the highest standards from both clients and their website users. Feel free to contact us and request your free demo. 


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