Project Brief

One4All, one of the leading gift vouchering companies in the world and owned by Global US based fintech Venture Capital firm “Blackhawk Network”, have been working with Monsoon Consulting to create an industry leading and revolutionary new gifting & payment solution.

One4all continually seeks to transform and revolutionise the whole gifting industry for both individuals and businesses alike.

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Our Solution & Results

Ultising the full power of Adobe Magento Commerce, coupled with complex integrations of payment gateway providers integrations, internal ERP solutions, and mobile wallet solutions providers, we created a new gift card solution that can be bought, spent and sent on a smartphone.

Since its official launch in November 2019, the site has already generated a huge positive response from customers and businesses alike, with the full uptake of card purchases compliment the omni-channel model of the business.

Some of the great results:

  • 6.3M Unique page views in Q1 post launch
  • €8.2M revenue in Q1 post launch
  • 16,000 Transactions in Q1 post launch
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Features Implemented

  • Adobe Magento Commerce
  • complex integrations with payment gateway providers ( PSPs)
  • internal ERP solution
  • mobile wallet solutions providers
  • For B2B customers there is also a secure self-self account area feature,
"Monsoon are industry experts in Magento and we have found their knowledge and experience invaluable during this project. Monsoon will be a strategic part of our online development for the future and we cannot recommend them highly enough."
Charlie Healy,
Web Manager One4all

The revolution for the gifting industry

Monsoon Consulting have been working in close partnership with One4All and a number of key partners to deliver and take to market this new innovative solution which seeks to transform and revolutionise the whole gifting industry for both individuals and businesses alike.

Through the solution customers are able to buy, spend, and send gift cards through their smartphone. This solution also allows for the personalisation of these cards through the uploading of videos for an enhanced gifting experience. B2B customers meanwhile have access to a secure self-service account area, giving them the ability to create an instant bulk rewards scheme for their staff.

Monsoon and One4All are now working on the next exciting phase(s) of the development roadmap, creating additional features to continue to revolutionise the multi-store gift card industry.