Project Brief

Ordnance Survey Ireland’s vision is to have a very powerful eCommerce platform where their clients can easily get the data they’re looking for providing them with powerful tools to filter, customise and quickly access data.

With their mainstream public service function being the creation and maintenance of the definitive mapping records of Ireland, along with the commercial function of these; it was important for us to understand the pitfalls of the old eCommerce platform. We also needed to understand their vision, audience, as well as the internal workflows of their multiple departments.


Our Solution

Having partnered with Version1, we worked to re-platform OSI’s old eCommerce system to the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition platform. This resulted in a redesigned, more user centred platform that better organises OSI’s vast catalogue, allows for greater product customisation for users, and product generation.

Monsoon Consulting delivered a fully responsive, eCommerce platform on Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition which is integrated with Ordnance Survey Ireland’s internal ERP and product generation services through SOA. We continue to provide technical support to them along with plans of further development with new Magento features in the future as their online presence scales.

monsoon consulting OSI 1

Project Features

  • SOA Integration
  • API Based Integration for stock and invoices
  • Real Time Integration with order creation, and product generation
  • Creation and integration of the Map Viewer element into Magento
  • Automatic Invoicing
  • Realex Integration on the admin side
  • Downloadable products customisations for OSi needs
  • Catalogue importer customisations
  • Creation of a quotation PDF from the admin side
  • Custom sequential order increment ID generation mechanism to work with Magento Cloud architecture.
OSI image 2

Making sense of data

One of the projects key aspects was to turn the massive amount of data in Ordnance Survey Ireland’s (OSI’s) systems and organise it into a product. Exercises and workshops with staff members was used in order to get the necessary information for each product. The creation of a custom module that maps OSI’s data to the right fields has helped staff to read the data easier during their frequent maintenance of the catalogue.

Due to the highly customisable nature of most of the Consumer and Professional products, a set of tools were built around the map viewer in the product page, enabling the user to select the format, scale, centre coordinates, area, etc. for the type of map they want.

After an order with a customised product is placed, it goes to OSI’s servers to generate a map using the user’s inputted details. After the generation is complete, a link comes back to Magento and the order is updated so the client can download it. For this we had to develop an integration between Magento (iBridge) and SOA (middleware). This integration has continued to work successfully for OSI.