Lisbon 2023: Monsoon’s Christmastime Retreat 

2023 stood out as an extraordinary year for Monsoon Consulting, marked by exceptional growth amidst global challenges. In a celebration of this success, we brought together our international team in the vibrant and historic city of Lisbon. 

Members travelled from all over the globe, including Brazil, South Africa, and Ukraine, making this meet-up especially meaningful against the backdrop of the invasion in Ukraine. 

This retreat went beyond being a mere celebration; it was a meaningful event that underlined the effectiveness of our remote team. It demonstrated how in-person meetings can boost team morale and deepen professional ties, creating a lasting and sincere bond.

Meetings with Meaning

Lisbon’s picturesque landscapes, a historic city buzzing with energy, hosted our much-anticipated retreat. The event unfolded under one roof in a local hotel, bringing together familiar faces from our computer screens into the real world. 

Spotlight on Success: Leadership Insights and Celebrations

At the heart of our retreat was the all-hands meeting, where CEO Bharat Sharma led with an engaging overview of our year’s achievements. His presentation highlighted key milestones and set a celebratory tone for our collective successes.

Olesia Oliinyk provided insightful HR updates, detailing our evolving team dynamics, new talent acquisitions, and the success of our remote working model. Her segment underscored our commitment to employee development and a thriving workplace culture.

Victor Bauer presented on operations, sharing the strides we’ve made in streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. His talk was a testament to the operational improvements that have bolstered our service delivery and client satisfaction.

Sales achievements were brought to the forefront by Alastair Brodie, who recounted stories of significant account wins and strategic successes, illustrating our team’s resilience and dedication in a competitive market.

Mark Turnbull presented about Apex, our innovative B2B eCommerce product. His presentation went beyond introducing the evolving product, highlighting the collaborative effort and technical expertise that went into its development.

Finally, I, Katarina White, as the new Marketing Manager, concluded the session with an overview of our future marketing strategies, focusing on brand personalisation, highlighting our diverse team’s talents, and the new rebrand we’ve been rolling out.

Each segment of the meeting illustrated our commitment to excellence, celebrating our past while eagerly looking ahead to the future of Monsoon Consulting.

Unity Through Innovation: Brainstorming and Bonding

Following the presentations, the scene shifted. A team-building exercise, steered by Executive Coach Ana Conde, awaited us. It wasn’t just about brainstorming; it was about immersing ourselves in creativity and customer focus. 

We delved into ideas, shared insights, and laughed together. This was Monsoon Consulting in action – innovative, customer-centric, united.

A Taste of Portugal

As twilight fell, Lisbon’s riverside became our backdrop. A wine reception started the evening, conversations flowing as freely as the wine. Colleagues from around the world sharing stories in the warm Portuguese December evening. 

The dinner that followed? A culinary journey. Seafood delights, traditional Portuguese dishes – each course a celebration of local flavours.

Renewed and Ready: Reflecting on Our Lisbon Experience

The retreat left us feeling not just rejuvenated, but more connected. It was a collective recharge, infusing us with energy for the challenges ahead. We ended the year with a celebration of successes and a renewed excitement for what was to come in 2024.

A Fond Farewell to Lisbon

As the retreat wound down, some of us stayed a few extra days, captivated by Lisbon’s charm. 

A special thanks to Clara Contente, Olesia Oliinyk, and Victor Bauer, masterminds behind the seamless organisation of this international gathering. This wasn’t just a retreat; it was a reaffirmation of our unity and our shared vision for Monsoon Consulting’s future.

Here’s to growth, success, and more unforgettable experiences. Monsoon Consulting, ready for what’s next!

Дякую тобі | Thank you | Obrigado

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